Michael Overbeek

Branding, Typography, Print & Editorial, Packaging, Signage

I have always been quite a deep thinker. I enjoy sitting down with an idea or brief, pulling it apart and expanding upon it as much as i can. I also enjoy the expression of creativity and how others perceive the world.

Taking on graphic design as a profession is both a great way to develop these traits further, whilst also getting to design something visually appealing and valuable for others.

What areas of graphic design are you most interested in and why?
I am most interested in designing things which have a potential physical outcome. This includes designing print products such as books or catalogues, packaging design, or even environmental graphics and signage.

I also quite enjoy doing brand identity projects as they can be seen as the foundation to many other aspects of graphic design.

What are your favourite typefaces?
I can't say I have a specific favourite as each typeface and font pairing produces it's own unique mood, style and effect. I will say though that i'm a fan of blackletter/gothic/serif style typography such as the ones seen on old European signage and buildings. I also find that serif typefaces have a bit more character to them than san-serif ones. That's a personal opinion though.

How would you describe your style?
I'd say my design style tends to have a sort of balance to it. I'm quite aware of the positive and negative space between graphical elements and how they influence a composition. I'd also say my designs tend to be quite stylistic and typographic, in that my designs tend to grasp some sort of mood, theme, story or effect.

Favourite quote?
"Life is about perspective and how you look at something... ultimately, you have to zoom out." — Whitney Wolfe

What do you wish you knew more about?
I wish I knew even more about typography. I've certainly learnt how to use type correctly, but I would also like to know how to craft and put together my own typefaces. It is certainly something I will try and learn more about later on.

What skill would you like to master?
Typography and the many things attached to it such as lettering, calligraphy, layouts, grids and the composition of graphical elements.

What have you been meaning to try and just haven’t gotten to yet?
I have been meaning to try out photography at some point but haven't actually gotten around to it yet since I don't have a proper camera.

Another one would be sign-painting and murals. It is something a lot more hands-on and would get me away from the screen more often whilst still getting to be creative.