Lauren Dexter

Digital, Packaging

I am a photographer and graphic designer based in Perth. I shoot a lot of stuff, but I mostly shoot landscape and the stars. I try incorporate my photography into my design.

I enjoy branding and packaging, and in my spare time working on my typography.

What areas of graphic design are you most interested in?
I love creating for all areas of design, but if I have to pick a few, I’m interested in UX design, typography, and packaging.

What inspired you to become a graphic designer?
I took a design course focusing on Photography in high school and was really interested in the subject, so I pursued it at TAFE.

What are your favourite typefaces?
I have no idea why but I always seem to go for Georgia or Avenir.

What else are you interested in outside graphic design?
Photography is my main hobby, and I’ve recently taken an interest in typography and drawing.

What do you get up to outside of TAFE?
Every now and then I go on road trips with friends, and I love photographing the area around me.

What are most proud of accomplishing during your time at TAFE?
I was very proud of passing my Diploma and being part of an amazing exhibition.