Grace Diianni

Branding, Typography

I'm a Perth-based graphic designer most passionate about experimental typography and bold brand identity design. I strive to refine my typographic ability and conceptual thinking to create the most effective design. In my spare time I like to create illustrations and listen to music.

What areas of graphic design are you most interested in and why?
The areas of graphic design I'm most interested in are brand identity, poster design and print design. Brand identity design is the most interesting field to me as I like seeing how several aspects can come together to create a distinctive brand. Poster and print design also interest me as I like experimenting with different layouts, typefaces and other elements.

Who are your favourite designers?
I don't have one singular favourite designer but at the moment I'm enjoying the work of Made Somewhere (AU), Marinated Studio (AU), and Dan Barkle (UK). I think that Made Somewhere have a great minimal style and Marinated Studio create visually interesting identities for food companies. For Dan Barkle I like how he uses experimental typography in his poster and editorial designs.

Favourite colour?
Forest green.