Anthony Musca

Branding, Illustration, Animation

I'm creative in Perth, WA. I've always been a lover of arts, and creative works. In June, I competed in the 2018 WorldSkills Australia National Championships for Graphic Design Technology, where I won the bronze medal. I love logo design, branding, illustration, making posters, stationery, motion design.

I currently am working on refining my illustration skills further and developing my skills further in motion design, and hand rendered typography.

Who are your favourite designers?
Paula Scherzinger. She is a Queen.

What inspired you to become a graphic designer?
Evan Eckard.

What are your favourite typefaces?
Helvetica extra wide heavy, it's ugly and outdated, but still looks good in a bad way.

How would you describe your style?
Always changing and adapting, having a style is limiting.

Who are your role models and why?
Demetrius Harmon. Living legend.

What else are you interested in outside graphic design?

What do you get up to outside of TAFE?
Gaming, design, art.